Address Grant Park Skate Park, McCormick Place Busway, South Loop, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, 60605, United States of America
Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar Parallel Bar / P-Bar Monkey Bar / Horizontal Ladder Wall Bars / Swedish Wall / Vertical Ladder Low Bars / Push Up Bars

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2 Pull Up Bars 86" high, with perfect 1.25 in diameter.
Dip Bars 36" high, 6 ft long. PushUp bar 8 inches of the ground for elevated pushups with feet or hands on the bar.
A full Parkour rig with 5 additional 6 ft long bars for pullups and muscleups and freestyle calisthenics.. That bars are 86" high and a big thicker in diameter 1.5" diameter.

It's a great spot for all bar lovers to come train: traditional calisthenics, parkour, crossfit, freestyle calisthenics, gimbar.

--> Park will be unavailable from July 19, 2017 to Aug 7, 2017 as Lollapalooza will be taking place in Grant Park.

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