Calisthenics exercises

Bodyweight Exercises allow athlets to train everywhere without equipment or with equipment that´s available on public workout stations. This type of training is a great solution for beeing healthy, build muscles or getting strong. Beside the well known exercises like pull ups, push ups or dips there are several movements that can be combined to effective workout programs.

Very popular are programs using HIIT (High Intense Intervall Training). These workout use less breaks and brings the circular flow of the body working. The intensity of the exercises weill also demands the muscles and will reach gaining them.

Gym and athles worldwide are realizing the advantages of bodyweight fitness and offer calisthenics classes and workshops. Mobile application like Ykings, Freeletics, Madbarz or 5Skillz using this movement to present routines to their user they can do at home or at public workout spots.

Although the exercises don´t requieres weigths, it´s highly recommend to do them right. The quality of the movement and the correct form is one of the most important things in training wiht the own bodyweight only. Wrong movement stressing the joints and sinews in the wrong way and resovle in pain and injuries. Typical symptons are back pain and knee problems.

Doing them the right way, these exercises gives an optimum of training to the whole body.