Brisbane - Calisthenics Exercise Stations - Brookvale Drive

地址 54 Brookvale Drive, Victoria Point 昆士蘭州 4165, 澳大利亚
拔杆 双杠 低酒吧
柔软体操 户外健身/街头健身 体重运动/体重健身 吊索训练 忍者战士训练 Poledancing 功能训练 Parkour / Freerunning Bootcamp Workout 障碍赛 个人训练/团体健身 武术 攀登 Street Lifting 体操






The equipment has increased as of 2018. Quiet spot near the road and off to the side of a large oval. Easily accessible with on street parking right next to the equipment. 1 x parallel bars, 2 x push up bars, 1 x sit up / recliner, 2 x chin up bars. The ground underneath the parallel bars, chin up bars and push up bars is rubber spring and underneath the recliner is dirt. The chin up bars are quite low at 1.5m and 1.8m with the diameter of the bar 30mm. The park is very basic.