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Bodyweight workouts need good training spaces

Even if the regular training with your own body weight has few basic requirements, it is all the more effective if the right training environment is available. Of course, push-ups and other simple exercises can also be done on the home floor, but already during the pull-up, this concept pushes the limits. Stretch bars for the door frame offer a rather moderate training support compared to a properly fixed installed.

Public gyms and calisthenics facilities

Good public spaces offer many benefits for the ambitious bodyweight athlete or fitness app user. The equipment and environment allow training in the group and thus ensure further motivation among the athletes. In addition, the knowledge exchange in this environment brings each one on and brings new excellence.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of outdoor activity and, at least in spring and summer, want to leave the closed gyms behind. Modern, robust fitness equipment for outdoor use offers optimal possibilities for creating entire street workout parks on public grounds.

Training sites for Freeletics and other fitness apps

Fitness apps such as the world-famous Freeletics are now part of everyday life for many athletes. Depending on the training plan, up to 6 units per week must be completed. Therefore, many professionals are also looking for an optimal training spot on business trips to match the proposed workout. Ideally, here is a map with all training locations for training with the app. The display of the various devices directly on the spot allows an optimal selection of the right place. If exercises such as muscle ups or even pull-ups are on the program, there should be a suitable bar or something like a monkey bar. For push-ups it is important to know if a flat and clean surface is on-site or if it is recommended to pack the exercise mat. If it rains it is essential to know if a covered training area is available. The same applies of course to users of Runtastic Results, the Calithenics App YKings or other programs found in the App Stores.

The perfect training ground for calisthenics and street workout

Especially for Calisthenics athletes the choice of the right training place is decisive for the training success. Since street workouts are essentially made up of elements like pull-ups, muscle ups, and other advanced exercises, not everything can be trained in any place. How should e.g. Dips are executed if there are no spars or bars? Furthermore, many devices allow creative execution of the different movements. Wall bars and also hanging sections enable nice challenges and combinations that complement the everyday work routine.