Londres - Parque Street Workout - Hanger Hill Park

Dirección 4 Hillcrest Rd, Londres W5 1HW
Barras de Dominadas Barras paralelas
Calistenia / Street Workout / Ghetto Workout Entrenamiento al aire libre Ejercicios de peso Entrenamiento en suspensión Ninja Warrior Entrenamiento funcional Parkour Bootcamp Workout Carrera de obstáculos Formación Privada

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Londres - Parque Street Workout - Hanger Hill Park - Parque Calistenia

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4 Comentarios

Walker James dice 3 años antes

Seems they've removed the third pull-up section too. Now you have to do pull-ups with your knees bent. I don't get there regularly as there are other parks closer to home but these are my favourite as they are just horizontal bars with a choice of heights. On the plus side they were relaying the bitumen on the paths so maybe the workout stations are next?

Walter Basile dice 3 años antes

Hello, I've sent a request in Feb 2017. The Council answered saying that they would have repaired, but it is still like this. Calisthenics parks can you do something ?

Calisthenics Parks Team dice 3 años antes

Thank you for the info. Sad story but good you share this info with all the other people try to train there.

98percentGorilla dice 3 años antes

As of today 15/12/2016 the parallel bars are broken. Been like this for at least a month now and there is no sign of any repair being done. One bar competely missing but it's still possible to do dips using the tops of the support posts. Will post again when this has been fixed.