New York City - Calisthenics Fitness Park - Central Park

Endereço West Drive, Manhattan, Nova Iorque, Nova Iorque 10024, Estados Unidos
Barras de elevação
Calistenia Outdoor Fitness Exercícios de peso corporal / peso corporal Fitness Sling training Ninja Warrior Training Treino funcional Parkour / Freerunning Bootcamp Workout Corridas de obstáculos Formação pessoal

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4 comentários

Mykyta Chernyshov diz 9 meses antes

Guys here is a petition to put more bars there, please sign it if you care -

D Barz diz 1 ano antes

The spot is pretty difficult to find but is right where the map says it is. It only really has two pull up bars, though and normally its loaded with veteran Barstarz. Still a fun spot to watch some of the best. Hard to train at.

Calisthenics Parks Team diz 3 anos antes

HI Stephen,

thanks for the information. If someone know the perfect position. Please send, we will update the spot.

Stephen Mars diz 3 anos antes

Either the calisthenics park is very hard to find or it does not exist in central park yet. I was hoping maybe someone else has looked for it and or possibly found it.