Zadar - Parco di Calisthenics

Indirizzo Zara, regione zaratina, Croazia
Barras per trazioni Parallel bar Abs bench
Calisthenics / Street Workout Outdoor-Fitness Esercizi a corpo libero Sling Training / TRX Formazione Ninja Warrior Functional training Parkour / Freerunning Bootcamp Workout Obstacle Races Allenamento personale

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3 Commenti

Brendan dice 2 anni prima

There are a second set of bars in this park also. In the very north east corner along the high trail above the kids playground. Same equipment except 2 pull-up bars. Thicker grip and not as rusty. One of them is a lot higher too.

JMSpot dice 2 anni prima

Like Sceat said, the spot isn't right on the map. it's a little bit on the lower right. if you zoom in close enough on the map it will show you more details and a bunch of little darker green dots in a circle will appear, right above the grey building labeled 'skola'
It's not bad but the pull-up bar is rusty.

Sceat dice 2 anni prima

L'emplacement n'est pas exactement sous le curseur il faut s'enfoncer dans le park en direction de la mer, il y a une barre de traction, 2 station a dips et un petit espalier, mieux vaut aller en face au park de Preko sur l'île