Irvine - Palestra all'Aperto - Deerfield Fitness Course

Indirizzo Deerfield Community Park, Irvine, California 92604, Stati Uniti d'America
Barras per trazioni Parallel bar
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Justin Wong dice 10 mesi prima


Equipment: Around the park is various equipment such as pull-up bars and parallel bars. It is set-up in circuit training style, so you have to walk all around the park to get to each piece of equipment- kind of a pain. The quality of the equipment is "ok" quality.

However, let me put you on to a secret spot. There's a set of 3 orange pull-up bars next to the middle-school. I've never seen any one work out on them. It's pretty hard to find them because it's slightly outside the park, right next to the middle-school. The coordinates are 33.691669, -117.790155

These pull-up bars are real nice and made of good material, and a good height. Perfect if you have a set of rings.

Convenience: If you park around this address 24 Foxhill
Irvine, CA 92604, it's like a 2 min walk to the secret orange pull-up bars. So it's reasonably convenient. The park has reasonable access to both the 405/5 as well.

Community: Every time I've come here, I've been the only one working out, but I've only come later in the evening. Pretty sure not many people know about these bars.