Torrance - Calisthenics Gym / Outdoor Fitness - Sunnyglen Park

地址 5525 Del Amo Boulevard, 托倫斯, 加利福尼亚州 90503, 美国
拔杆 双杠 水平梯子 低酒吧 培训台
柔软体操 体重运动/体重健身 吊索训练 Parkour / Freerunning Bootcamp Workout 个人训练/团体健身





Justin Wong说11个月前


Equipment: There are monkey bars, parallel bars, and pull-up bars. The equipment is slightly spread out in circuit training fashion.

The quality of the equipment was decent.

Location: Located in a nice residential area. Ample street parking. Decent looking park. The pull-up bars are on the opposite side of Redbeam Ave.

Overall, everything about this park is decent, but not good, let alone great.