Barstarzz BTX Workout

Barstarzz BTX Workout

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Workout like worldwide well known Barstarzz team from New York City. Barstarzz crew trains with bodyweight only and doing freestyle calisthenics, outdoor strength training and doing workout all over the world. The founder Edward Checo is still active and giving workshops and trains several people all over the world.

Barstarzz is getting popular with their YouTube channel show how to workout effectiv just with urban fitness equipment. Barstarzz movement is getting very popular all over the world and several teams in countries like germany, netherlands, uk and much more was founded.

Since summer 2016 Barstarzz workout program with name BTX ist available. This cross-plattform (personal computer & mobile device) calisthenics program, is based on bodyweight fitness exercises connected in a 12 weeks transformation program.

Barstarzz team members live with the team motto: "Lead. Inspire. Change."

+++ We Lead by example, through living healthy and natural lives, in order to:
Inspire others to embark on their own path with courage and passion, so they can reach their goals and create
Change. Change in themselves, change in their communities, and change in their loved ones. +++

In 2015 they also starting to produce training equipment like resistance bands. Years before they already started with their own appearal collection. Beside the community work they are very sucessful in merchandise their brand.

There is also a own branded mobile application for iOS and Android available at the Playstore / Appstore with trainings tips, community functions and many other stuff for street workout and calisthenics athlets.

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