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  • Join our calisthenics workshops and learn how to train with your bodyweight - for free
  • Meet new people from your area and workout together
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of a calisthenics meetup and learn from each other
  • Support your local calisthenics community
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Learning with a motivated group is very motivational. Especially with the experience of a versatile coach teaching how to get the maximum out of exercises like pull ups, push ups, dips or squats. Using the different elements of the local calisthenics parks helps to get more creativity in the workouts and reach goals with new progressions.

Calisthenics training is based on the community helping each other to get the best out of every athlete. The people start to share hints, new exercises or just simple modifications to get the best result.

Meetups helps to expand the personal network and meet new people with the same interests. Connecting people in these events will help to grow the scene and local community and extend the worldwide calisthenics movement.