Buy and build Calisthenics park equipment

Benefit from the fitness trend Bodyweight Training. Buy and build a Calisthenics Park.

  • Space for modern training concepts (e.g. apps) and leisure facilities (e.g. personal training)
  • Early sports and physical activity for children and youth by trend sports (as Street Workout, Parkour)
  • General-purpose, low-maintenance equipment
  • An ideal complement to mass sports
  • Effective and varied workout options
  • General-purpose equipment for all ages
  • Creation of innovative fitness treatments
  • Flexible, expandable, low-maintenance indoor and outdoor modules available
  • Cost and space efficient solution

Our experienced partners determine the costs, plan and implement your new complete system (incl. Equipment, installation, flooring) or the extension of an existing sports area.

All over Europe in 40+ countries, e.g. in UK, Germany, Italy, France or Netherlands.

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Buy calisthenics equipment

Contemporary module based calisthenics exericse equipment is the perfect base for bodyweight fitness training. These stations are more than a modern modification of classic fitness trail concept. It allows people to workout in urban area next to the city center.

Beside the public use, these devices could also be used for private gyms or functional fitness areas in indoor gym concepts. Racks like this are the perfect environment for a successful bodyweight fitness programm.

Installation of public outdoor fitness equipment

Outdoor workouts are a leading trend in worldwide fitness industry. People wanna train outside in parks, beaches or special outdoor training grounds. The last years many athlets discoverd the advantages of workout out outside instead of staying in the usual indoor gym concepts. Modern and restistant training equipment allows them to do their individual workout plan with a large variation of bodyweight exercises.

Equipment manufacturer specialized on calisthenics parks and street workout facilities and offer a large product spectrum with different modules and all in one solutions. The target group aren´t high addicted athlets anymore, also recreational athlets with their growing number of mobile applikations using these workout stations.

Integrate calisthenics racks to gyms

Also in gyms there is growing count of racks and rigs for indoor use. Most of them are used for functional movements like pull ups or push ups instead of working out on machines. This type of fitness training allows the athlets to stay fit and get stronger in everyday life. Many brands are offering special version of their street workout park for indoor use. Also crossfit equipment is often used for general functional fitness training, because the conditions are the same than needed for bodyweight fitness.

Build pull up bar in garden

The new fitness movement also gives people with private property new options and many modules to build their own calisthenics park in the garden. Some manufacturer offer specialized outdoor racks and equipment for private outdoor use. Similar to playground equipment differents materials like wood or metal are used for the products.

"Do it yourself" street workout park (DIY)

DIY is still a trending topic. People like to build there own stuff, so it also counts for a variety of fitness equipment. On Youtube or different websites there are many tutorials and manuals how to build your own outdoor fitness equipment.

Home calisthenics station

There are many possibilities to build a home gym with calisthenics equipment. To use equipment like paralletes or door pull up bar systems there is no installation needed. But there are also product to mount on the wall or blanket. They can be also used to mount gymnastic rings or other additional equipment.