Kolkata - Воркаут площадка - Lake Garden


адрес Калькутта, Западная Бенгалия, Индия
Калистеника / Воркаут / Workout уличных спорт Вес упражнения Подвеска Обучение Ninja Warrior Полюс танцы Formation fonctionnelle Паркур Bootcamp Workout бег с препятствиями Индивидуальная тренировка

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8 Комментарии

Calisthenics Parks Team говорит 2 года до

Thanks for the info. We will archive the spot. Maybe they dismantled it.

Dipak Majumdar говорит 2 года до

The address for Kolkata Calisthenics Gym furnished by you is wrong. There is no such calisthenics Gym. Request, don't confuse people..

anirban dutta говорит 3 года до

i am having difficulty finding the spot and also i do not know your timings

anirban dutta говорит 3 года до

please give me the contact number and instructor's name and number @ dutta04sagittarius@gmail.com

Arpan Dutta говорит 3 года до

Please give me a contact number... I can't find your location in Jadavpur.. Need help

Calisthenics Parks Team говорит 3 года до

HI, it´s very easy if you have a public workout spot you can add it to the map. But you can also set your home location (see "edit profile") to connect yourself to your city / area and other users will find you.

We are actually finishing our messaging system, so other user can contact you in future.

If you have more questions you can also mail us at feedback (at) nume.co. ^t

Shubhranil Roy говорит 3 года до

we are practising calisthenics for 1-2 years...please can you give some information about what do we need to register here

prashant dey говорит 4 года до

I want to learn at kolkata ..where is it