Endereço Glasgow Place, Hawthorne, Califórnia 90250, Estados Unidos

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Justin Wong diz 1 ano antes

I came to this work-out spot before heading to LAX. Really small spot, but surprisingly decent.

Two pull-up bars, one bench for abs, and one really low straight bar for push-ups.
All the equipment was of good height and good material.
Only down-side is no parallel bars.

Location: The location given by this web-site was misleading. The actual address is roughly 13523 Glasgow Pl
Hawthorne, California. Directly across Holly Glen Park tennis courts.

This location is pretty awesome. You can just park on the street and walk 10 seconds to the bars. It's really green and quite a beautiful area.

Community: There were some teenagers working out when I went. I could see this place being somewhat popular, but still more low-key.