Lisbon - Outdoor Fitness Workout Park - Jardim Amalia Rodrigues


地址 里斯本, 里斯本大區, 葡萄牙
拔杆 双杠 水平梯子 低酒吧 培训台 浸渍处理
柔软体操 户外健身/街头健身 体重运动/体重健身 吊索训练 忍者战士训练 Poledancing 功能训练 Parkour / Freerunning Bootcamp Workout 障碍赛 个人训练/团体健身 武术 攀登 Street Lifting 体操





K. E. Goldschmitt说1年前

This is a perfect outdoor workout spot for strength training.

Lucas Lai说1年前

Nice place !

Sloth Gimbarr说2年前

But when the sun is up in summer, its really hot, cause there is no shadow by trees. Nice area at the edge of a big park.

Misha Bieliaiev说3年前

Great workout spot right in front of a jail ) It's usually windy there. When the sun goes down it's really fresh.