Lisbon - Outdoor Fitness Workout Park - Jardim Amalia Rodrigues


Address Lisbon, Lisboa Region, Portugal
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar Monkey Bars Push Up Bars Abs Benches Dip Handles
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A Calisthenics park in Portugal's Capital, Lisbon, very complete with, a lot of pull-up bars variations, including rings, , 2 pairs of paralel bars, 1 monkey- bar, low bars for push-ups and australian pull-ups, a structure to work your core, and other machines to work your legs and cardio. There is instructions implemented in the bars to help you guide you in your workouts. There is a parking lot really close by.

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K. E. Goldschmitt says 4 months before

This is a perfect outdoor workout spot for strength training.

Lucas Lai says 7 months before

Nice place !

Sloth Gimbarr says 1 year before

But when the sun is up in summer, its really hot, cause there is no shadow by trees. Nice area at the edge of a big park.

Misha Bieliaiev says 2 years before

Great workout spot right in front of a jail ) It's usually windy there. When the sun goes down it's really fresh.