Seattle - Outdoor Exercise Station - Hiawatha Playfield

地址 Hiawatha Community Center, 2700, California Avenue Southwest, West Seattle, 西雅圖, King County, 华盛顿州, 98116, 美利坚合众国
双杠 低酒吧
柔软体操 户外健身/街头健身 体重运动/体重健身 吊索训练 忍者战士训练 Poledancing 功能训练 Parkour / Freerunning Bootcamp Workout 障碍赛 个人训练/团体健身 武术 攀登 Street Lifting 体操





David H说2年前

One of Seattle's "Adult Outdoor Workout Areas." Seattle spent a lot of money on "cardio" equipment for these parks, but not on bars for serious calisthenics workouts. Stop by this one and three other similar parks in Seattle and was really disappointed. This park has low bar/ parallel bar combo set up, but when I got there, the park mommies were using those to hang there kids jackets etc.