Seattle - Outdoor Exercise Station - Hiawatha Playfield

Address Hiawatha Community Center, 2700, California Avenue Southwest, West Seattle, Seattle, King County, Washington, 98116, United States of America
Parallel Bar Push Up Bars
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Hiawatha Playfield is a public park, playfield, and community center. It includes a branded Fitness Zone with parallel pars in two heights, three step-up platforms 6-12" tall, and a few resistance machines such as a Nordic trainer and a seated chest press. These machines are on an astroturf pad on the east edge of the park. In the north-central part of the park, a two-height pullup bar is in place over woodchips next to a play structure for children. The marker is dropped halfway between the fitness zone and the pullup bar.

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David H says 2 years before

One of Seattle's "Adult Outdoor Workout Areas." Seattle spent a lot of money on "cardio" equipment for these parks, but not on bars for serious calisthenics workouts. Stop by this one and three other similar parks in Seattle and was really disappointed. This park has low bar/ parallel bar combo set up, but when I got there, the park mommies were using those to hang there kids jackets etc.