Monaco di Baviera - Barra per trazioni all'aperto - Au-Haidhausen

Indirizzo 54, Einsteinstraße, Bezirksteil Haidhausen Nord, Stadtbezirk 05 Au-Haidhausen, Monaco di Baviera, Alta Baviera, Baviera, 81675, Germania
Barras per trazioni Low bars
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Ondra J dice 1 mese prima

It's a children's playground. The highest bar will still force you to bend the knees or do pull ups in L-sit. On the other hand lower bars allow easily scale Australian pull ups and can be used for parallel bar dips too. The biggest downside is that the floor is made of sand and is absolutely infested with ants. They are everywhere. Otherwise a very pleasant place with plenty of shade and unless there are children not busy at all.