Aliso Viejo - Parque Calistenia - Canyon View Park


Dirección 46 Silkwood, Aliso Viejo, California 92656, Estados Unidos
Barras de Dominadas Barras paralelas Pared Sueca / Barra para la Bandera Push Up Bars / Barras Horizontales de baja altura Plataformas de salto
Calistenia / Street Workout / Ghetto Workout Entrenamiento al aire libre Ejercicios de peso Entrenamiento en suspensión Ninja Warrior Parkour

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Justin Wong dice 1 año antes


Equipment: Pretty darn solid equipment. They have pretty much everything you need. The pull-up bars are of a good height and material.
My complaint is with the parallel bars. They're a little too low to the ground and the gripping material is too wide and feels cheap.

Location: It's located in a beautiful park. The problem is this park is kind of hard to get to if you don't want to take the toll highway 73. Furthermore, the equipment is all the way at the end of the park. From what I could tell, it was only street parking, and it feels like a 5 min walk from the street to the end of the park.

Lastly, it was hard to find the entrance to this park. One of the entrances, in a cul-de sac is blocked off. The coordinates of the actual entrance is 33.585525, -117.744246