Málaga - Parc Street Workout - Parque de ejercicios del Paseo Marítimo


Adresse Avenida Del Pintor Joaquín Sorolla, 29017 Málaga, Málaga, Espagne
Barres de Traction Barres parallèle Ring Station Dip Handles
Calisthenics / Street Workout / Ghetto Workout Entraînement de plain aire Musculation sans charges / Musculation au poids de corps Entrainement par suspension Ninja Warrior Poledancing Formation fonctionnelle Parkour Bootcamp Workout obstacle course Formation Privée Sport de combat Escalade de rocher

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6 Commentaires

Atilla TURCO-LOCO dit 2 mois avant

Very good place. I can put my rickshaw directly nearby and listen loud my music during the. Training. After go directly in to beach for take a swimm. NUmber one

Pavel Oliva dit 2 ans avant

Older wooden park, and metal "pipes" with corosion, but realy useful and in relaly epic place!

Calisthenics Parks Team dit 3 ans avant

It would be great if you can send them via enail (feedback (at) nume.co.

We are working on solution to add photos to comments in the future :).

Nando dit 3 ans avant

Where should I send them?

Calisthenics Parks Team dit 3 ans avant

Hello Fernando,

if you have some more pictures it would be great to send us to feedback (at) nume.co.

Calisthenics Parks Team

Nando dit 3 ans avant

I highly recommend this place, it even has a rope for rope climbing workout. The view is amazing and there is the possibility to go to the beach and relax after a hard workout haha