Лондон - открытый тренажерный зал- Boston Manor Park

адрес Chiswick Flyover, Брентфорд, Брентфорд, TW8 9JU, Великобритания
Турник Рукоход двухуровневый Шведская стенка Скамья для упражнений пресса
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5 Комментарии

Ash Smith говорит 4 месяца до

This one's good parrallel bars, pull up bars other stuff as well which is all helpful had a good little workout between my run

Paul Böhme говорит 3 года до

I did spot this park in August 2016. The parallelbars are around the corner of the high bars, its about 10 feet south from the high bars behind the trees (next to the kids plaground area). Just check google maps there you see it ;)

98percentGorilla говорит 3 года до

The picture showing the parallel bars and other wooden stations is definitely not this park. None of that equipment here. The thing in the other picture that looks like a dipping station (green uprights and chrome bars) is actually for knee raises. The horizontal bars have pads on and there are upright grips on the ends. All of which prevents you from doing anything with it. There may be some purpose behind the odd arrangement of bars on the other side but I couldn't figure it out. Certainly not for dips anyways.
Don't know why councils have to make it all so complicated. All this equipment must cost a fortune but all you need is basic stuff that costs peanuts. If they stopped wasting money on this outdoor 'gym machine' style gear then every park in London could have pull-up bars and parallel bars. Madness.

Calisthenics Parks Team говорит 3 года до

Maybe they dismantled the equipment. Because on the pictures there is a parallal bar. Thanks for the update.

98percentGorilla говорит 3 года до

Although it says here that there are parallel bars there are in fact no parallel bars in this park. There are three heights of pull-up bars and a monkey bar setup plus some other outdoor gym type machines. Pity because it's a huge park area on an old bowling green and they could easily fit in more equipment. The bars on the pull-up station are very smooth stainless steel so extremely hard to get a decentt grip with unchalked bare hands. Recommend taking chalk or using gloves. A bit disappointing in general.