Toronto - Воркаут площадка - Bellbury Park - Trekfit


адрес 48 Van Horne Avenue, Торонто, Онтарио M2J 2W1, Канада
Турник Брусья Рукоход двухуровневый Low Bars / Push Up Bars
Калистеника / Воркаут / Workout уличных спорт Вес упражнения Подвеска Обучение Ninja Warrior Полюс танцы Formation fonctionnelle Паркур Bootcamp Workout бег с препятствиями Индивидуальная тренировка единобо́рство ла́зание Street Lifting

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9 Комментарии

Calisthenics Parks Team говорит 2 года до

Sounds great. If they are fiinshed, just add them. So people will find them too.

Don Valley Calisthenics (DVC) говорит 2 года до

Great news - two more fitness parks in the area have been approved to be built!

Don Valley Calisthenics (DVC) говорит 2 года до

Damn, I just had a Fitness Meetup on the weekend. I'll be sure to post future events asap! Thanks again for the fantastic website upgrades!

Anton Fa говорит 2 года до

@Calisthenics Parks Team Cool, exciting!

Calisthenics Parks Team говорит 2 года до

@Don Valley Fitness Park:
Great news. We will soon also have an option to post events on spot. Should be great for events like this. Have fun.

Don Valley Calisthenics (DVC) говорит 2 года до

Fitness competition on Saturday Aug 26, 2017 at 2pm! Overall total of max reps pull-ups, dips, squats and push-ups. Free to join, all are welcome! RSVP at

Don Valley Calisthenics (DVC) говорит 3 года до

Hi Everyone! There will be an official fitness park celebration on Sunday May 28, 2017, 11am to 12pm. Hope to see you all there!

Calisthenics Parks Team говорит 3 года до

@Lillian: Have fun and enjoy training at the spot . We hope there will be build much more in the next years.

Lillian Rowlatt говорит 3 года до

So excited to have this open up near my home. Brand new equipment and a great set up.