East Point - Gym en plein air - East Point Reserve

Adresse East Point Road, East Point Territoire du Nord 0820, Australie
Barres de Traction Banc abdominaux Workout Desks
Calisthenics / Street Workout / Ghetto Workout Entraînement de plain aire Musculation sans charges / Musculation au poids de corps Entrainement par suspension Ninja Warrior Poledancing Formation fonctionnelle Parkour Bootcamp Workout obstacle course Formation Privée Sport de combat Escalade de rocher Street Lifting Gymnastique

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2 Commentaires

Bar Brothers Sisters Darwin dit 2 mois avant

This station has been upgraded by the Bar Brothers & Sisters of Darwin in collaboration with the Northern Territory Government and the City of Darwin. The new station includes 2x vertical/dance poles, 2x ring holders, 2x multi-bars, 1x wing overhang, 1x speed bag platform, 1x boxing bag arm, disability components for wheelchair users, and several horizontal bars at varying heights. This is the best outdoor street workout in Australia by far.

Davo Evo dit 1 an avant

Literally two pull ups bars.
Pretty peasant but nice scenery.