Tokyo - Parco Calisthenics - Hibya Park


Indirizzo 1 日比谷公園 Chiyoda, Tokyo, Tokyo, Giappone
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Calisthenics / Street Workout Calisthenics / Street Workout Outdoor-Fitness Esercizi a corpo libero Esercizi a corpo libero Sling Training / TRX Sling Training / TRX Formazione Ninja Warrior Functional training Parkour / Freerunning Bootcamp Workout Obstacle Races Obstacle Races Allenamento personale

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3 Commenti

Paulo Rego dice 1 anno prima

It’s a good park with all the needed basics

Matteo Victor Carney dice 1 anno prima

Sugoy! The rings are great and at a higher height to make it harder for those wanting to do dips. Lots of pull up bars for a greater capacity and a local street workout group goes there, who are opening to foreigners :)

Only criticism is the dip bars are in a childs playground for some reason, and the monkey bars are 200m away in a regular outdoor gym.. Some decent parallel bars and an ab bench would really help this space.

oliverhat dice 2 anni prima

There was also a curved horizontal bar attached at about waist high to a pull up bar that was excellent for dips!