Tokyo - Outdoor Fitness Gym -Hibya Park


Address 1 日比谷公園 Chiyoda, Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Pull Up Bars Gymnastic Ring Stations
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Tokyo calisthenics workout park at the city centre. Located at the Hibya park near the Imperial Palace you find a outdoor gym for bodyweight exercises of all kinds. The exercise park has pull up bars for muscle ups, gynasti rings made of metal and benches where you can train your core with drunches/sit-ups. The Hibya park offers as well paths for running and walking. Made for all outdoor fitness athletes which train street workout, calisthenics workout, bootcamp workout freeletics (gym), parkour strength workout and ninja warrior workout.

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Paulo Rego says 1 year before

It’s a good park with all the needed basics

Matteo Victor Carney says 1 year before

Sugoy! The rings are great and at a higher height to make it harder for those wanting to do dips. Lots of pull up bars for a greater capacity and a local street workout group goes there, who are opening to foreigners :)

Only criticism is the dip bars are in a childs playground for some reason, and the monkey bars are 200m away in a regular outdoor gym.. Some decent parallel bars and an ab bench would really help this space.

oliverhat says 2 years before

There was also a curved horizontal bar attached at about waist high to a pull up bar that was excellent for dips!