Indirizzo Kattowitzer Straße 8, 70374 Stoccarda, Germania
Barras per trazioni Low bars
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Stuttgart - Parkour Park

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3 Commenti

Timthe7percentman dice 2 anni prima

So here is the thing : the Park is inside a school, but that doesn't matter! It has "official" opperating hours something from 16-19 o clock. But I talked to some guys and they told me that it's no problem to train until very late.
The housekeeper might kick you out but that's it!

Its a good small park with parkour stuff and bars!


And of course it's free!

Calisthenics Parks Team dice 2 anni prima

HI Jennsal,
this place not. But its a school so its better to use it in the afternoon or evening.

JennSal Fitness dice 2 anni prima

Do these places have a charge for using them?