Human flag is a very popular move in calisthenics, street workout, parkour and also in pole dancing. The body is hold in horizontal position while grabing a vertical bar / horizontal wall. The human flag gives massive core stability and shoulder strength. The key for a successful human flag is a strong scapula in combination with a strong core power.

++ Equipment needed ++
- Wall bars
- Pole Bars

++ Correct form ++
1. Lower arm - Rotate shoulder and elbow outside and grad the bars
2. Upper arm - Rotate elbow inside and grab the bars upward to your head
3. Straighten your arms while bringing the body and legs in straight horizotal position
4. Don´t lean forward or backward to avoid twisting while holding the position.
5. Keep the tension in the whole body and avoid let your legs down.

++ Frequently mistakes ++
1. Wrong grip in upper or lower position
2. Tipping pelvis forward or backward

++ Progressions ++
1. Negative Human Flag
2. Tucked Human Flag
3. Advanced Flag
4. Straddle Flag

++ Similar / Successive exercises ++
- X-Flag
- Clutch-Flag

++ used in ++
- Calisthenics
- Gymnastics
- Pole Dance

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