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Dips is also one of the most important exercises in bodyweight training. To execute this movement the full body is pushed in vertical direction on parallel bars. This motion looks very easy but there are some important thing to take care of.

++ Correct Execution ++

- The brachialis points forward and the ellbows remain next to the body to use the natural motion range of the joints.
- Don´t “sink in” with your neck. Keep your scapula under tension and press the scapula down.
- Tip your pelvis to back to prevent hollow back postion.
- Keep your legs straight. This will also keep your spinal stable

++ Equipment ++
- Parallel bar
- Dip Handles

++ Where to train ++

The perfect element for dips at a calisthenics park is the parallel bar. A good high parallel bar allows to train really deep dips that hit your triceps and gives you much strenght in pushing movement

Another option for dips are dip handles (well known from classic gym). Two handels in parallel bar style allows you to do dips on a very small space.

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