This movement is a very intense pull and static hold exercise for the whole shoulder girdle. Very strong back muscles are also needed to hold your body in horizontal position. One of the most important core exercises for maximum power.
To hold your body in parallel position tighten your abs and retract your scapula. The shoulder are in push back position and the arms are straight.

++ Equipment needed ++
Pull up bar, gymnastic rings

++ Correct form ++
1. Move back scapula (Retraction) and also tighten them.
2. Tip the pelvis backward.
3. Pull your body upwards while keeping arms straigth and lift your body.
4. Keep your legs and pelvis in straight till reaching horizontal position.

++ Frequently mistakes ++
1. Arms getting bended while hold or pull position
2. No tension in upper body resulting hollow back
3. Missing tension in scapula

++ Progressions ++
1. Negative Front Lever
2. Tucked Front Lever
3. Advanced Front Lever
4. Straddle Front Lever.
5. Front Lever raises.

++ Similar / Successive exercises ++
- Front lever pull ups
- Scapula pull ups
- One arm front lever

++ used in ++
Calisthenics / gymnastics

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