One of the most impressive moves in bodyweight fitness and calisthenics training. A lot of wrist, straigth arm and also shoulder strenght is requiered to master the planche movement. The body is holded in a straight line parallel to the ground while the arms are straight. The body keeps in placement with protacted shoulder (push shoulders down) and tightend core.
There are different ways of hand placemente depending on which position is the most comfortable for the athlet. Many people use paralettes or parallel bar to learn the plache first before training on the ground. Using parallel bars reduce the stress on the wrists while training the planche movement and progressions.

++ Equipment ++
- None (ground)
- Parallel bar
- Paralettes

++ Correct execution ++
- Straight arms
- Scapula protracted
- Ellbows locked out
- Body straight and parallel to the ground
- hips and shoulders in one line

++ Progressions ++
- Tucked Planche
- Advanced Tucked Planche
- Straddle Planche

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