Handstand Push Ups

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Handstand push ups are one of the most impressive push exercises in calisthenics training. This movement needs a lot of shoulder and scapula strength. The base of this exercise is a perfect form handstand holded clean for some seconds.
Most athlets prefer training on paralletes, because of the controlled and stable grip in this position.

++ Equipment ++
- None (Ground)
- Parallel Bar
- Paralettes

++ Correct form ++
- Starting in handstand position (straight line)
- Move down while keeping straight position to the ground
- Press up back in handstand position

++ Common mistakes ++
- No straigth handstand ("banana" form)
- Straight form breaks while moving down or up

++ Progressions++
- Pike press
- Wall handstand push ups
- Assisted handstand push ups

++ Variations ++
- Tigerbend handstand push ups

++ Used in ++
- Calisthenics
- Freeletics
- Madbarz
- Functional Training
- Crossfit
- Ykings

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