Address 150 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, Ontario M4L 2M6, Canada
Pull Up Bars Push Up Bars Jump platforms
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Summary of editorial

The 6.2-hectare Greenwood Park features a great number of amenities and facilities, from an outdoor rink and skate trail to a splash pad and swimming pool — and more. New to the park is an outdoor gym space.

The series of circuit equipment encourages the community to be more active in a fun and engaging way.

Just the facts:

• The Trekfit outdoor fitness equipment in Greenwood Park includes a cargo net, pull-up bars (triple), parallel bars, step benches in various sizes, pushup bars and a long bench.

• The fitness facility is designed to allow users to do warm up, workout and stretching exercises.

• There are picture illustrations and instructions next to each fitness station, describing the suggested initial position, workout movement, targeted muscles and movement alternative.

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