Palermo (Buenos Aires) - Calisthenics Park - Avenida Luis María Campos


Address Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pull Up Bars Monkey Bars Push Up Bars Abs Benches Dip Handles
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CarlG says 7 months before

I can confirm the parc exists, entrance exactly as described in the comment above. Not a lot of grass but the bar handles have confortable grip, there is shade in the morning, and a water fontain! Great place

Marisi, Guillermo says 1 year before

Si está, pero la entrada a la plaza está sobre la avenida Santa Fe 5131 aproximadamente. Plaza Ángeles Rawson.
The entrance is 5131 Santa Fe Avenue, the place is called Ángeles Rawson Square, the bars are located at the back.

Marko25 says 1 year before

No ésta aquí.
The place doesn't exist