Hanover Township - Outdoor gym - Hanover Central Park

Address Eden Lane, Hanover Township, Morris County, New Jersey, 07927, United States of America
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Right at the heart of Hanover Central Park is this set of outdoor fitness equipment. There is a parking lot located on Eden Lane right by South Jefferson Road for easy access. This equipment is part of the Blade Hydraulic Series from Urbanix Gym and includes the following: Elliptical, Hydraulic Ab Toner, Hydraulic Triceps, Hydraulic Chest Press, Hydraulic Shoulder Press, Hydraulic Arm Combo, Hydraulic Hip Twister, Hydraulic Stair Climber, Rower, Hydraulic Leg Extension, Stationary Bike, and Spinning Bike. For the hydraulic equipment, there are adjustable knobs with 8 levels of resistance. Whenever something needed to be fixed, there was a quick response. This park also happens to be located along Patriot's Path Trail.

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Christopher Pabin says 2 years before

It should be "Patriots' Path" instead of the typo in the description above.