Calisthenics glossary / terms

Calisthenics glossary / terms

Calisthenics Beginner?
Interested in calisthenics and street workout training, but overwhelmed with all the terms the people use? Here is a short introction in calisthenics and the usual terms used by the other athlets.

Important terms, personalities und definitions
Understand the language of the worldwide bodyweight fitness scene to get connected to other athlets.

The bar is short version of pull up bar or chin up and is used very often. Many of the exercises, beside pull ups, are done on the bar. The term bar is als used a lot in the names of teams, groups and also peoples names in street workout community.

Also known as passive hanging in the lowest position in exercises like pull ups or muscle ups.

Short term of repetitions. This descibes the count in a training plan an exercises should be done.

A set is a logical combination of different exercises to a sequence. A set can be build with different but als same exercise in different intensity.

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