Candiac - Calisthenics Park - Parc Charlemagne

Address 209, Rue Cherbourg, Candiac, Quebec, J5C2B4, Canada
Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar Parallel Bar / P-Bar Monkey Bar / Horizontal Ladder Wall Bars / Swedish Wall / Vertical Ladder Low Bars / Push Up Bars
Summary of editorial

Canadiac Calisthenics Park in Canada. Street workout park installed by the company Trekfit. Spot is build from few different stations whcih a all located at the "Parc de Cherbourg". Street workout park has high bars, pull up bars, low bars, parallel bars , monkeyladder and swedish bars for human flag related stuff. Good place for freeletics, street workout, parkour, outdoor fitness and bodyweight exercises.

Adress: 142 Rue Cherbourg, Candiac, QC J5R 6R8, Canada

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