Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


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The city of Aaachen at the border triangle between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands has a pretty good infrastructure for bodyweight fitness training. In addition to two calisthenics facilities from the company Playparc, there is another street workout park at a nearby youth center.
The aforementioned facilities are used intensively as part of university sports, but a growing number of recreational athletes have also discovered the facilities for themselves. Local training groups for calisthenics, as well as the fitness app Freeletics can be found here, as well as athletes doing their outdoor fitness workouts on their own. Other training options are also available in the nearby city of Heerlen in Holland, which has a park run by the company Barmania.Pro.

For fans of classic trim trails, there is also a trim facility in the countryside outside the city. Here you can also find a good pull-up bar.