Calisthenics City Battle 3 | Amsterdam

Calisthenics City Battle 3 | Amsterdam


11:00 am


05:00 pm



we are back with another edition of the Calisthenics City Battle. Because this is the third edition, We travel to the capital city of the Netherlands. AMSTERDAM !!

Get ready for an amezing day with international bar athletes.

adress: De Breekstraat 56, 1024 LK Amsterdam, Netherlands


* Division-A | 1 VS 1 – 16 man tournament
* Division-B | 1 VS 1 – 16 man tournament

Participation costs: €5′
Spectators free

* Naims Bar-monsterz –
* ——coming soon——
* ——coming soon——

There will be prizes and a cup for the Nr. 1, 2 & 3 at each categorie.

Sponsored by @Sportbay | @royalbarzz @Barmonsterz and…

More information will coming soon!!
Participant registration through this link:

During the freestyle battles different exercises will be performed consecutively. You will be judged by the difficulty of the exercises, your creativity and your personal style.
Participants are judged on the three following elements:

– Dynamic
-Static positions

Dynamic element. For example barhops, twists and flips on the bars.

Static positions. For example the human flag, front / back and lever, planche; If you do these kind of
exercises try to hold for several seconds.

The combination of the static and dynamic elements will be the third element. The more difficult and creative exercise, the more points will be rewarded.

There will be three judges for the freestyle battles. Besides the three elements as described above,
the jury will also judge the presentation, the interaction with the public and the collaboration with
fellow participants or someone from the audience. Per round, every participant can do one excercise
with another person. ( you got 2 minutes per round to show the judges you’re skills )

We hope to see you on the 15th of April !!

Entry = free

Participants costs are €5,

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