Bar Battles Strength Edition – Molenakker Park Weert

Bar Battles Strength Edition – Molenakker Park Weert


11:00 am


05:00 pm


On Sunday the 2nd of October 2016 there will be the first BAR BATTLES STRENGTH EDITION. This competition will be held in the Calisthenics park of Weert (molenakkerpark).
There will be weighted and static categories:
– Weighted Pull-ups 80kg- & 80kg+
– Weighted Dips 80kg- & 80kg+
– Weighted Muscle-ups 80kg- & 80kg+
– Max Hold: Planche
– Max Hold: Handstand
– Max Hold: Human flag
– Max Hold: Front lever
– Max Hold: Back lever

Register via
Participation costs are €5,- You will receive an email after you are registered
Entry for spectators is free!

Host: Robbin Castillo
Location: Molenakkerpark Weert
Prizes: TBA (there will be prize-money!!)
Timetable: TBA
Rules: TBA

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