Pull Ups

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++ Description ++
Pull ups are one of the most important exercises in calisthenics and street workout training. This movement build a lot of strenght in the pulling motion and also trains the core stabiltiy. The get all these advantages it´s very important to do this move right.

++ Overview ++

Primary muscles:
Supporting muscles:
Main focus:

Other names:

Need equipment: Horizontal bar, Monkey bar , High bar

++ Correct form ++
When doing Pullups the start of the movement is the deadhang (active hang). The athlet hangs on the at the lowest point with tension in the scapula. The second step is a full range of motion way up with straight body position till the chin is at least above the bar. The move is finished with going down well controlled to the starting point (deadhang).

Keep attention on the full range of motion. At the highest point -> chin over the bar and at the lowest point -> your arms are straight.
At the lowest point keep the tension in scapula area and first tense your scapula before you start the way up to the bar.
Tip up your pelvis to prevent hyperextension of the lumbar spine.
Tense your legs to prevent kicking up with the lower body.
Keep your thorax straight and tense your core to prevent your upper body from stretching your thoracic spine.
Keep your neck in neutral position, don´t get your chin over the bar like a giraffe.
The right grip! Don´t keep your thumb above the bar, grip around the bar. This will stabilize your scapula, the whole body and gives your much more control.

++ Common mistakes ++

++ Progressions / Variations ++
Typewriter Pull ups, One arm pull up

++ Similar exercises ++
Chin Ups

++ Used in ++
Calisthenics / Street Workout, Bodyweight Training, Freeletics

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