Chattanooga - Outdoor Fitness Stations - Warner Park

Address 1105 Mccallie Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404, United States
Pull Up Bars Push Up Bars Abs Benches
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Outdoor fitness park at "Warner Park" in Chattanooga (Tennesse). This workout location is build with exercise stations for bodyweigth exercices and functional training. There are pull up bars, abs bench and different low bars to train bodyweight exercises like pull ups and push ups. Good location for workout programs like Madbarz, Barstarzz workout, calisthenics, street workout, TRX training or Freeletics.

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Calisthenics Parks Team says 3 years before

Hello CCfixx,

thank you very much. We reworked the misspellings at the text of the summary.

Thank you very much for you offer. If you find any other grammatical or misspelling error you just send us a short email to feedback (at) and will will change it as soon as possible.

We are planing "update spots info" functions on the platform but this will take some time till we can implement these functions.

ccfixx says 3 years before

Another summary with way too many misspellings and grammatical errors. As someone that is originally from this particular area, it's disheartening to see both the city name and state misspelled. It reflects poorly on the app and developer(s) to see that these errors make it through the submission process. If you need someone to proofread the submissions in English, I would be more than glad to offer my time.