Issaquah - Outdoor Gym - Black Nugget Park

Address 2300 NE Park Dr Issaquah, WA 98029 USA
Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar Abs Bench

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Summary of editorial

Issaquah outdoor gym USA. The Black Nugget Park has not only a little creek it has also 6 pieces of equipment for outdoor fitness. It isnt a street workout park but still good enough for a calisthenics workout. For this you can use a set of high bars, pull up bars and incline benches for some sit-ups. For everyone who like to add some chin-ups to thier walking this is the place to be. Exercise Park for freeletics, parkour strength training, calisthenics workout, street workout, outdoor fitness, bootcamp training and bodyweight exercises.

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Calisthenics Parks Team says 3 months before

Thanks for the information. We archived the park, so that is no longer showed on the map.

Syed bilal says 3 months before

Can confirm 100% that it’s not there anymore, I asked people about it who lived there and they said it had been removed a while back. Suzanne text me at 4259996704 for some good local locations that aren’t on here :).

Suzanne G says 4 months before

Not sure if this is still here, unable to find.