Outdoor Gym Bridgewood Park

Address 11002 Vollmer Lane, San Antonio, Texas 78254, United States of America
Pull Up Bars Monkey Bars Push Up Bars
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Location: 10925 Vollmer Ln San Antonio, TX 78254

This location is the second of two spots that are in the Bridgewood sub-division in Far North West "San Antonio." The parking lot closes at sometime after sunset, however if you park on the street nearby you can walk through an open spaces found in the fence line. The park itself includes a water fountain and an open field where some team sports are played. From the parking lot you will find the training equipment to the right of the playground equipment in the north west corner.

Equipment available for use:

There are two pull up bars, one "High" bar and one "Low" bar. There is a set of "Monkey bars," a platform for decline sit ups or even dragon flags.

(Footnotes: 1. The high pull up bar seems to be level, feel free to switch side when training of it. 2. As with other parks the available equipment, benches, and playground equipment can be used for other body weight related exercises. 3. The third photo was taken looking Eastward while near the northwest corner of the park. )

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