Calisthenics Gym - ZeroGravity Calisthenics Academy (Habbouch branch)

Address Nabatieh, Nabatieh, Lebanon
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The facility consists of:
17m width highbar rack of 140cm width x 250cm height
2 hexagons: 3 low bars (1m height), 5 medium bars (150m height), 3 highbars (2m height)
4 parallel bars 190x150cm
5 parallel bars 150x130cm
1 5m width monkey bar
5 flying bars of 4 levels
5x7m freestyle rack that consists of: 2 stallbars, 2 parallel bars, 2 bars (155cm), 1bar (180cm), 4 bars (210cm), 3 bars (225cm)
3 stallbars
8 wooden parallettes
10 wooden gymnastics rings
Kettlebells, weighted vests, dumbbells, battleropes, corebags, and weighted belts - as well as yoga blocks

The parking lot can take up to 75+ cars at once

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