São Paulo - Parkour Park - Tracer Parkour

Address Av. Pres. Castelo Branco, 96 - Pte. Pequena São Paulo
Pull Up Bars Push Up Bars
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Sao Paulo Parkour Park in Brasil. At the Park "Centro-De-Esportes-Radicais" you have a new big parkour spot designed by Tracer Park. This outdoor exercise gym has pull up bars, which can be used for swining work, muscle ups an pull ups. At the same time the are great low bars for australian pull ups and push up work. Many different conrete obstacles wait for passionate parkour guys and free runners. Great outdoor gym for calisthenics workout, strength training, street workout, outdoor fitness, freeletics, bodyweight workout and ninja warrior training. The park also hase a skate area and bike cross trail.

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