Pärnu - Exercise Park - Rääma

Address Rääma 25, 80039 Pärnu
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar

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Pärnu exercise park in Estonia. At the river "Pärnu Jogi " inside the costal town you find a calisthenics park for outdoor fitness of all kinds. Double parallel bars for dips and other push movements. High bars for pull ups and a few pull up bars for muscle up training are sitting right next to it. This outdoor gym is build and designed for calisthenics workout, street workout, parkour strength training, freeltics (gym), bootcamp workout, ninja warrior workout and bodyweight exercises. Great summer hang out.


Rääma Tänav 46, Pärnu, Estonia

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Bob Turbo says 1 year before

Good quality, nothing much, what you can see in the picture is all there is. Right next to a popular swimming spot, so can get a little crowded in the summer.