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Address 2204 W. Bancroft St., Toledo, OH 43606
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Calisthenics gym at Ottawa Park on the Kenwood Ave. side of the park. Acces is given if you turn into the parking lot that flows from the cross street Gunckel Blvd. Go west from the parking lot approximately 250 yards.
The exercise stations are made with metal and also wood and is fairly worn but in overall good shape. It could use a new coat of paint and the signs a little TLC. There is a stand alone stall bar, parallel bars, horizontal ladder. There are two pull-up bars of different heights and an angle bar (a bar that starts low on one post and ends high on another post). Two low horizontal bars enable the user to perform horizontal pull-ups or inclined pushups. There are three posts that have a small disc on them. This may be the finished product or it may have had a square platform on each for leg exercises (jumps, step-ups, etc.). In the midst of these post is a lone vertical pole. There are three low-horizontal tubes that could be used for agility, jumps, etc.

A couple of wood/metal pieces include a flat bed for sit-ups and two low balance beams at a 90 degree angle.

The park and equipment are in a great location and get used regularly.

The equipment is set in mulch.

Manufacturer of this street workout location is Iron Mountain Forge

Address: 2204 W. Bancroft St., Toledo, OH 43606

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