Address Outer Loop 1.1 Miles, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104, United States
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Ann Arbor - Fitness Trail - County Farm Park

The fitness trail is 1.4 miles long with 18 fitness stations. 14 of the stations have some kind of exercise structure of either wood, metal, or a combination of the two. 4 stations are simply an empty space for exercises like toe touches or jumping jacks. The stations are set in a fine gravel and the trail is in a combination of sunny and shady spots. Each station has an easy to read sign to describe the exercise and several trail maps can be found throughout the trail.

The main park entrance is on the west side of Platt Road, just south of Washtenaw. The fitness trail is a loop and starts and ends near the playground and picnic area from the main entrance. A smaller parking lot is on the opposite side of the park, on the east side of Medford Road. You can quickly access the rings (Station 8) from this parking lot.

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Andreas007 says 8 months before

I like that place, nice maintained trail and equipment, not very busy.