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Address 5448 Asbury Road, Dubuque, Iowa 52002, United States
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Calisthenics gym at Asbury Park in Asbury, Iowa. Asbury is just west of Dubuque and roughly a 10 minute drive from the Kennedy Mall. Equipment is called Energi Prime, the Fitness and Wellness line of Playworld in Lewisburg, PA, USA.

The equipment is near Asbury Road just north east of the children’s playground. It is grouped into stations and each station includes an expansive instruction board that creates a matrix for three days of exercise (First Day, Second Day, Third Day) as well as three levels of experience (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced). These boards are extremely useful, particularly to people who are new to calisthenic exercises. An app is available for download. Using the app, users can scan a code on the board to watch a video of the exercise.

The equipment is set on concrete islands. The concrete makes it easier to use for people using wheelchairs or walking aids (crutches, canes, etc.). Unfortunatley, the concrete islands are not connected so moving from one island to the next requires traversing across mulch. Moreover, the parking lot is roughly 150 yards (137 meters) away with no path. You’ll need to cross grass to get to the exercise area; easy enough for people without walking problems but potentially difficult for people in wheelchairs or with walking aids.

The equipment is in great shape and includes push/pull stations, balance stations, and plyometrics. Also, there is no shade, so bring a hat and/or sunscreen.

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